Wonder Wednesday: "This Moment Asks Us to Reach Farther and Take Bigger Action" - Beth Foraker

Beth Foraker, Founder/Director of The National Catholic Board on Full Inclusion, has invited us to all "reach farther and take bigger action". She has inspired many to encapsulate the meaning of inclusion within catholic schools and to "take action". In light of this, she is presenting her 4th annual Inclusive Catholic High School Conference, and she needs our help to spread the word! Let's all help Beth take action and spread the word about the Inclusive Catholic High School Conference to our friends and family so we can all better ourselves to learn the knowledge of what and how inclusion is within our catholic schools!

Please read further more on the Inclusive Catholic High School Conference, below. The following is a letter that Beth Foraker wants to present:

"Hello Inclusion Friends!

It has been awhile since we reached out...through so many changes...so much upheaval and uncertainty...and while we all make our way through it, we must continue to keep our students at the center.

We are grateful for your work on building inclusive Catholic schools...especially during a pandemic.

Thankful for your open hearts.

When you are inclusive, you are used to solving problems. You find work-arounds. You don't give up. You see the value in the effort. All of those skills allowed your schools and classrooms to maneuver through the obstacle course that was 2020.

But, just a few weeks into 2021, it is clear that the obstacle course is not ending anytime soon...in fact, we may have even more barriers to our work.

For the past four years we have hosted an Inclusive Catholic High School Conference. There are so few inclusive Catholic high schools and we want them to have a chance to connect and share all of the incredible work they are doing...but this year, we can't have our regular conference.

It needs to be virtual.

And, it needs to be more than just connecting with inclusive Catholic high schools.

This moment asks us to reach farther and take bigger action.

We are so excited to share with you a VIRTUAL learning opportunity for teachers, principals, paraeducators and families...all on a Sunday. February 28, 2021.

ALL Are Welcome!

Our keynote speaker is Andratesha Fritzgerald. She is an educator and instructional coach who specializes in Universal Design for Learning. Her work is done through an antiracism lens and with a focus on supporting ALL learners and helping ALL students to be successful.

One of the invaluable parts of Catholic school inclusion is the way people just get busy helping and sharing...and our conference is no different.

We have incredible Catholic educators and theologians willing to share the work they have done with racial equity in Catholic schools.

We have built in opportunities for amazing Catholic educators from all over the country to share their inclusion practices with Distance Learning, with Universal Design for Learning and with our time set aside for Schools Share!

There will be time to connect and meet up...just like with an in-person conference. :)

Take a look at our schedule with this Google link - please note that all times are in Pacific Time

Register for the conference here

Together, we are better.

With our faith...with each other...with love at the center...we can build the world our children deserve."

Thank you again, Beth Foraker, for being a light and beacon of hope for inclusive education!

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14.