Wonder Wednesday: Did You Know EMBRACE Has A Patron Saint?!

Photo from Catholic.org

EMBRACE has a patron saint! Her name is Saint Margaret of Castello. The awesome part about Saint Margaret of Castello is that Pope Francis just canonized her on April 24, 2021. Saint Margaret is the patron saint of the disabled. She was born blind and with a spinal condition that made it hard for her to walk. Her parents were embarrassed by her and locked her in a small cellar until she was 15 years old. They took her to a church hoping for a miracle, but when she wasn't cured, they abandoned her there. She learned how to beg on the streets and was taken in by families of Castello when the weather wasn't cooperating. She was loved by all. Soon after, she joined the third order of the Dominicans. She tended to the people of Castello and died at the age of 33. She was an amazing person and one we can learn from. To read her full story, click here from The Pillar!