Imagine That! On The Ramsey Show

EMBRACE had the absolute pleasure to chat with Amy Norman at Imagine That! during the Ramsey Show in early April. Imagine That! is "an art studio that caters to creative individuals with developmental disabilities" down in the Crossroads of Kansas City.

While chatting about the amazing artists at Imagine That!, we wanted to share some great news about one of their spectacular artists, Rachel. As you will see in the video below, Rachel is an amazing artist whose art was sent to an international competition based in England. She went a long way and deserves it! Her art is stunning and so unique! Even beyond her art, you can tell her presence in the art studio uplifts anyone that walks in! Check out the video to see how far she went in the competition and what her art looks like!

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Imagine That! is looking for help to replenish their supplies. Check out their wish list at BLICK!

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