"Every child deserves to be in our classrooms getting their educational needs met." -Maggie Sullivan

Meet Maggie! A former resource teacher at St. Ann's Catholic School, she is currently a stay at home mom with her two sweet beautiful children. She has a true passion for special education, especially in our catholic schools. Maggie has an amazing testimony on how she became an EMBRACE Educator. Continue reading to learn more!

"I have the immense privilege to be an EMBRACE educator. I started my journey in the educational field in 2010 as a Freshman at Benedictine College as an Elementary Education major and upon graduating in 2014 I was blessed to work at St. Ann Catholic School in Prairie Village. I worked there for 5 years teaching 1st grade, kindergarten, and being a part of their resource team. It was during my years at Benedictine and St. Ann that I developed a passion for special education, specifically special education in our Catholic schools.

During my years in the classroom I participated in professional development to further improve my knowledge of the discipline and I always had a desire to obtain a secondary degree. However, as we all know, college is expensive and as a teacher and mother I was not sure that was something we could afford. I had really put this idea on the back-burner after having my second child in the spring of 2019, deciding that financially it made more sense for me to stay at home with my kids. I figured that in a few years I would perhaps be able to look into it again, but for the time being I was going to relish every second I could spend at home.

Then in early April of 2020 days before the applications were due, I saw a flyer for the EMBRACE Educator program. Not only was EMBRACE Partnering with Benedictine (a school I love dearly) to help teachers in our archdiocese (a community I have loved being a part of) to become special education licensed, but they were also going to send you for free. I was completely over the moon thinking about this opportunity. Not only was I not going to have to worry about the financial part of my education, but I get to meet teachers from all over our archdiocese that have the common goal of bettering themselves, and in turn bettering our schools, so that we can serve each child of God that walks through our doors.

There are many times that families who have children with disabilities do not consider Catholic education an option due to our lack of resources. This is why becoming an EMBRACE educator is so important to me. We are all created in the image and likeness of God therefore every child deserves to be in our classrooms getting their educational needs met. Inclusion should be second nature to a teacher and the more teachers we can educate in special education the more successful our Catholic Schools will be for all students.

After the completion of our program I hope to go back to the classroom, not only being a resource for my students, but for the teachers at the school as well. In a perfect world my dream is to become a special education coach for classroom teachers around the Archdiocese of Kansas City, Kansas. Although this not a position that currently exists in our diocese, my hope is that if we can help more teachers be prepared for their students with exceptionalities our schools will quickly become more inclusive, just as they are called to be."

Thank you Maggie, for all that you do and will continue to do as an EMBRACE Educator. We are blessed to have you along with all educators!

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” Matthew 19:14