EMBRACE and COVID-19 Update!

The school year for 2020 is going to look a little different than anyone could have imagined. The hesitation, the question of when in the world will this end, the fear of the virus versus fear of staying isolated, and how will you keep little ones six feet apart? With a lot of planning, strategy, and words of encouragement, Jill Reffett, the EMBRACE Executive Director, has inspiring words for how EMBRACE can help encourage a positive and loving environment for the 2020-2021 school year.

"July 22nd marked my 1-year anniversary with EMBRACE and, man, what a year! On one hand, we got a lot done! On the other, it feels a bit like we hit a glass wall… I could see all of the people I wanted and needed to connect with, work with, and grow our impact with, but I, literally, couldn’t get to them. So here we are: the start of another school year. A time that should be filled with the smell of new school supplies and the joy of new beginnings. Let’s all be honest, there are just no good answers right now. We are all second guessing our decisions. I know I have been relying on virtual adoration, because spending a little time with Jesus always helps. Long walks, even just a snagged lap here or there with my rosary, have been vital. In the meantime, our school administrators, teachers, and staff have been planning for weeks, and are working to welcome back our students amidst their own worries and second guessing. While I have no good advice, I do have a request. As the beneficiaries of God’s loving grace, let’s remember to extend some of it to those around us, to our educators, to our kiddos, and to ourselves. Together, with prayer and love of our neighbors, we will get through this, and our children will share the story of this era of COVID-19 with their children. We will look back at milestones that included masks, and schedules that were slightly less crowded, and what else? We get to make this memory together. I hope we can fill it with not having to be right, with giving just a little ground, and deciding to open our hearts and minds, so that together we come out stronger, safer, and more unified. We get to do that if we decide to. Let's conquer this time together because it is what we all will look back on and remember."

Let us not be afraid and continue to ask for the grace from our God to conquer this school year. Check out our next coming blog to meet our EMBRACE educators and learn why they became EMBRACE educators and what their goal for the school year is.