Forming ALL Minds and Souls

I am humbled and honored to work as a leader with the group of people at St. Agnes Catholic School. We are a team that works together to meet the needs of every child. Our school mission is Forming Minds and Souls for the future. We do not take this lightly. As a community, we partner to search for tools and support for all types of learners. We have a staff that comes together and does not settle; they come to me with new ideas and are willing to try new strategies. I am so proud to be their leader. God has a plan for each of us and I am blessed to be surrounded by an amazing team. Our students are the focus of every decision we make.

With the help of our Embrace grant we have a learning center teacher that works mainly with our 5 – 8th grade students. He is able to have a class within a class, individual pull out and support teachers and parents. The Embrace team also spent time with us this past summer to introduce materials they had in their Resource Center and build a working relationship with our team. With their support and the partnership with the Archdiocese office, our team has gained knowledge, materials and collaboration, which has created a significant impact in a short time. We have been able to try and meet each student where they are at in their educational journey.

As a school leader you always want to say yes to every child and with the support of Embrace we are able to do that with confidence. We are a staff who wants to help form the minds and souls of ALL of our children.