I have been blessed to be a Catholic school principal for twenty-one years! Each day I have the opportunity to work with faith-filled teachers, parents, and students. In a world in which priorities seem to change upon a whim, the priorities in a Catholic School remain constant.

  • To help children develop a relationship with Christ.

  • To help children develop their God-given talents, so that they can one day be fully prepared for the mission God has for them here on this earth.

  • To help children learn to treat and work with others as Christ in building the kingdom of God.

The Prince of Peace community is made up of such good faith-filled families, highly qualified teachers who live their faith, and children who are fun, friendly, faith-filled and polite. When I mentioned to some first graders just today the importance of being good readers as one day they would be grown with children of their own, a boy looked up at me and said, “You might be in heaven then”. I could not help but smile as I told him that if I am not at Prince of Peace, Heaven would be a great place to be. So I guess you can say Prince of Peace is the next best place to Heaven!

Each learner is unique. At Prince of Peace our teachers work in collaboration with our learning center support staff, including a reading specialist and special education teacher, to meet the unique needs of learners. We are fortunate to have Title One and speech services on site at Prince of Peace as well. The Embrace resource center has provided resources to support students utilizing the Sonday and Wilson reading programs as well as many other resources. Through an Embrace grant we have been able to acquire a multi-sensory synthetic phonics program that we have seen great gains with in kindergarten. As we continue to work with the unique needs of each learner, Embrace offers valuable support through their resource center and also provides excellent guidance in helping schools to find resources offered with in the community at large. Together we can Embrace all learners.